Professional secondary education

   Dance subjects in Gymnasium: classical dance, character dance, pas de deux, make up art, modern or jazz dance, history of ballet and theatre, repertoire. 
Riga choreography school have produced a number of ballet shows in co-operation with the Latvian National opera:

Andris Vilcâns’ contemporary dance performance for family „ALICE”, choreography  by Olga Þitluhina; 

Gunar Muller  Pedersen’s  „BUTTERFLY”, choreography by Regîna Kaupuþa;

Uìis Prauliòð’ rock ballet performance „SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS”, choreography by Regîna Kaupuþa (included in the LNO repertoire) ;

L. Delibes’  „SHEPHERDESS AND THE CHIMNEY SWEEP”, choreography by Indra Lapðina,

R.Drigo’s, L.Delibes’, L.Minkus’, G.Bise’s „THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL”, choreography by Indra Lapðina and Astra Stern (Denmark).